Things I’ve been doing on my “Peet Semester”.



I don’t actually live in Peet but I’m taking a Peet Semester. This term is used to describe a semester in which a Beloit student does nothing but live off of artistic intuition. It is very much La vie Boheme en villa Belwah. I also like to think of it as destiny planning or a personal burning man. But here is a list of things I have been doing with my extra free time. 

  • Writing a lot of very therapeutic writing. Its almost as good as going to therapy but i don’t have to pay for it. The writing is a constant struggle though because I am such a relentless perfectionist. 
  • Playing Guitar – my goal is to learn a new song everyday for the entire semester. so far so good. stay tuned for you tube videos. 
  • Singing –  I am taking singing lessons with Jamie van Ekk this semester and I’m trying to practice three hours a week so I can get through one song a week or maybe one every other week. 
  • Meditating – Good for the mind, good for the soul. People say I think too much I think they don’t think enough. 
  • Exploring Job Opportunities for the Summer – Internship applications, Job Contracting.  
  • And Possibly a Transfer Application – I love beloit but things just haven’t been the same since my best friend pledged kappa delta.  
  • Learning HTML Code – I never realized how interested I was in web design but thinking back on my childhood I did spend the larger part of my adolescence on myspace and Facebook, and chatting on AOL Instant Messenger.
  • Learning to Cope with Anxiety & Depression – I have my work cut out for me there but it makes for some interesting writing.   
  • Reading Books I’ve Forgotten to Finish – Hence the title of this blog. 

Things I’ve Been Distracted By Today So Far (10:38am)

-I’ve been a little distracted by The Grammys 

-I’ve been a little distracted by This post-Apocalyptic ice/wind/rain weather we’ve been having. 

-I’m distracted by how bad my typing is and by how cold my toes are. 

-I’m distracted by how hard using WordPress is. 

-I’m distracted because using WordPress isn’t that hard but I just miss tumblr. 

Blank Page #1

Today starts a three week long process of keeping a blog for my digital media class. I’ve decided to go with a pretty obscure blogging topic because it usually takes a lot longer than 3 week to shape the vision behind ones blog. My vision for this one is experimental like every other blog and investigative. I hope at the very least to provide insight, humor, and inspiration.