I Was Listening to Good Music

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I Was Practicing Diplomacy and Self-control

I originally wrote this for The Roundtable but decided not to submit it. I think It works pretty well on this blog.

Beloit Insults: We need to talk  

By: Caroline Paxton

I don’t know if you heard about it but there was this page on Facebook a little while back that provided an open forum for everyone at Beloit College to dish out anonymous jabs to one another. Maybe you read it.  Maybe you even posted a thing or two about how goofy Dalton Deckert’s cowboy hats. And maybe you laughed because it was funny.

But theres always a moment with these things where all fun stops. Its usually when you’re scrolling along and out of the blue you see your name pop-up on the timeline. and you read what someone wrote and at first like all the others you think its funny. But then you start freaking out because no one made a single comment about it and you assume its because they all think its true. You think the whole world is staring at you whispering about your untimely social demise. Maybe that didn’t happen to you but maybe it happened to someone you know.

Now I’m not going to sit here and share my beliefs about how there is a special place in hell reserved for the curator of this page. That’s what Twitter is for. But because it seems like the administration has abandoned the pursuit of the BI perpetrator, (Right-fully so, they are distinguished academic leaders who’s time is better spent on things that matter more than the dump I just took), and because I’m taking a pretty light course load this semester I’ve taken it upon myself to do a little investigating.

I found out who it was and, I found out why they did it. But I don’t care anymore, and I’m not mad just a little disappointed.

Voice Lessons

February 13th, 2013


Today Jamie and I talked about resonating the sound from our vocal mechanisms in the molars of our teeth when we sing ah and ee vowels. A way that I have come up with to help me remember this is by focusing the sound in the tiny space in my mouth where my wisdom teeth used to be. I got them out pretty early for my age so theres just this huge space behind my back teeth and I am going to work on putting the sound there. We talked about working out sound like a whine which is weird for me because I feel like we are taught from such a young age not to whine but now that I’m finally getting serious about the thing I love doing and want to spend my life doing I have to learn how to whine again. That’s a pretty good metaphor for life I’d say. Got to touch your roots to be true to yourself. 


I also found that using that random purple wall in the room is actually really useful. Its so much easier to relax and release the tension and let your mind go blank when you are not thinking about all of the things that you have to do that day and you essentially have to let your mind go blank. I think that using that wall a blank space will help me when I’m in performance mode which is what I feel like I struggle with the most. (stage fright) I’m excited to take what I’ve learned and apply it to pieces that are more my own personal style.  

Watching Fashion Week usually just makes me want a cheeseburger but I really like this article.

The Beauty Bug

Did you hear the sighs of relief? Yes, Fashion Week is OVER. Overworked interns and crazed editors everywhere are taking 5 seconds to breathe and accept the fact that they survived the tsunami that is fashion week. But before we say goodbye to NYFW, I wanted to take this opportunity and dedicate a post to my favorite beauty looks of the season.

Marc By Marc Jacobs


“The bigger the hair, the closer to God” 

This was definitely the mantra at the Marc by Marc Jacobs show, the clothes oozed a 70’s feel with quirky prints and oversized outerwear. A glossy red lip created by Shiseido head make up artist Dick Page and extra voluminous hair completed the look. With dewy skin, a strong brow and a stroke of mascara the models looked divine.

Donna Karan


I call this look the smokey eye 2.0. Charlotte Tilbury from MAC created this futuristic…

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Happy Holly Project

Yes. I know.

Today is Valentines Day.

Well, guess what? I don’t have a Valentine this year.

There was the time years ago when, in a group of people, I allowed that I did not have a Valentine that year.

There were audible gasps that I … much younger and prettier back  then … did not have a loved one to shower me with symbols of love.

Okay, I’ll admit … that made me feel a bit better.

And my mind went back to the years of efforts with my ex other half. Cooking meals, buying gifts, giving cards … only to be met with a card silently tossed my way. If anything.

There are givers and takers. I was the giver. He was the taker.

valentines2I think there should be a rule that givers get to be with givers … and all you takers can be happily … unemotionally ……

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