I was reading.

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This quote has been spreading around Facebook. I have to share it here. It is so true. For all those book loving women out there, this post is for you. I am this girl. If you had a little camera or viewfinder into my world, you would find me with a book in the car when Chris is driving, in the bathroom when I am drying my hair, during toilet visits, curled up on the couch, in the bathtub, while I am running on the treadmill, snuggled up in bed before falling asleep, the list goes on.

Chris has lost me many times. I think he has finally given up. He knows there is no competition that can compare to an amazing book. He knows that if I am nearing the end I will want to stay up until I finish those last few pages. He might see tears in…

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I was watching this.

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Yesterday I had the pleasure at of being at a screening of Samsara, in 4k high definition at the Astor Theatre, in St Kilda Melbourne.

Before I write my feelings about the film I have a technical nit pick . The Astor is a lovely theatre but something was amiss with the projection. The film lacked sharpness and at times was very fuzzy. I feel that it possibly was not focussed properly. Its a shame as it didn’t show of the digital 70mm film print at its best. For that I will await the Blu Ray, which by all accounts is flawless.

Samsara is the followup film to Baraka a non verbal documentary which leaves the viewer to make what they will from the way the images are edited together and shot. I enjoyed Samsara a lot more than Baraka. There seemed to be a lot more variety and conceptually…

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