Happy Holly Project

Yes. I know.

Today is Valentines Day.

Well, guess what? I don’t have a Valentine this year.

There was the time years ago when, in a group of people, I allowed that I did not have a Valentine that year.

There were audible gasps that I … much younger and prettier back  then … did not have a loved one to shower me with symbols of love.

Okay, I’ll admit … that made me feel a bit better.

And my mind went back to the years of efforts with my ex other half. Cooking meals, buying gifts, giving cards … only to be met with a card silently tossed my way. If anything.

There are givers and takers. I was the giver. He was the taker.

valentines2I think there should be a rule that givers get to be with givers … and all you takers can be happily … unemotionally ……

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